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Sunday, December 24, 2023

2023 12

 No post for the previous month and wont be more with out my sidekick Kookie

Thank all u guys who made over Kookie n were nice 

Christmas eve, 2023 I finished almost everything cept our video. Worked on it for a couple days .. if it appears 
Too much to stuff n the little dog so I put all keepsakes in their teddy bear and it is high to keep safe
If google approves it, it is here .. n comments with the video.
Last post in this blog

Friday, October 13, 2023

2023 10


Guess it is time

Lots of my hopes came to pass but now finally over .

Don't need facebook to prompt me to share a memory n keep thinking of stuff.

I will leave Kookie's page active so pics can be copied but turn the logo off so I can not see any activity.

Don't figure I will post much put will keep checking on Puperoni's fb page . 


I got a pic of me n Kookie on Mt P at fair time last year n so wanted to get one with the new pup.

Poor lighting n I had to work on it a bit to make her a bit more visible.

This pup watching his human getting engaged. Restraining myself to give em hints on getting cool pics .. if u know me.
Camera same place with several like this on the telephoto page

I did some time lapse if u were at the fair 10/13/2013


I always loved to be on Mt Pleasant at fair time .. didn't think I would make it this year but didn't do anything else but plan the adventure.
I took bunches of pics I will just delete I figure need to think of a plan b for the last chapter.
It is taking me a long time caring two cameras, a tripod and fighting the pup.

Had to move over and sit down to let the atv pass me going up the trail n when I got to the crest there Puparoni was, some how she appeared in the buggy .. hmmm 👀

Last year I got a favorite pic with Kookie on the cliff n Puparoni stood in for the pic tonight.

Much more than taking photos I love to be among the park chipmunks at sunset and just when I was thinking about making it to the house a couple of the nice kids popped up over the crest. 
The essence of the one thing I look forward to.

I need to move from Kookie's fb account to https://www.facebook.com/Puperoni




Monday, September 4, 2023



I drove through the park with Kookie n got out and sat on the bank a couple of times  then with her stuffed animal n the Pup but haven't been on top Mt P since April 15th.. Kookie's bd

I took the last pic of her on the crest b4 coming down then I took her stuffed toy n ashes up the same spot when she was gone.

Tonight last day of Sept, took her toy n Puparoni in but didn't take a camera .. just this worthless phone thingy .

I saw some good shots but didn't take one but on the way down The Crew was on their way up. Talked a couple minutes I run out of stuff to say.. 
On the way home I saw the big yellow moon n thought I would just lasso the moon for them.. lots of people see the moon but each pic is unique.. 

Couldn't see it from my house because of the trees so i had to carry the tripod across to a field to capture it.
Something weird.. looking about 2:00 the edge of the moon flaking off or my lens .. hmmm


Last day of summer

Took Puparoni to the vet at the Humane society.. got some free samples but just the same I can NOT believe it was all done for less than $70   
Trying to pot train her .. she is so fast it is done by the time I turn around.. I thought of an invention.. I put one of the phones by the door then use the intercom button to make it ring and take her to the door.. if I can just keep it up.

Of course I have to drive by the park on the way back and was forced to drive through. I love to see people hanging out with their pups .. thinking some time in the future they will spot themselves in one of my pics. 😋

So dark I have to be close n use flash she is not invisible. I love this pup already but Kookie is stuck in my thoughts.

Pics on sunny days, bright highlights n deep shadows, but great saturation
Parked over by the Rising Shelter house to capture this shot.
A wide panorama with kids fishing n direction arrows to make people go the right direction .😏


Supposed to add some stuff to my nutrition so I had to stop at the park too.

The pup is not supposed to be on the ground so I parked up above the little pond n took her pic in the back of the Jeep then carried her over to a bench n just took the magic in like a spider on the wall.

Remembering my hillbilly relatives from long ago in Hocking Hills and music from times past, I started a list to hear it driving in the Jeep

Thinking of things done when I was a pup, washing out cars  and hanging out waxing em .. Dont think it was about a spiffy car but doing stuff together when being part of others you hung out.

A few years ago when I bought my first Jeep.. I thought it would be fun to do it again n bought a bottle of wax.. it has never been open.
I figure it is a part of me to get back things .. of the past.


Taking the pup a walk n the park n the playground.. didnt put her down because she doesn't have her shots.

Once in the car Puparoni remembered me and gave lots of kisses.. so dark, she can hardly be seen

n a stop at the dairy queen .. n they took her lots of walks around my path through the woods.


Chipmunks I have met on Mt P

Went to take pics of old schools n the first one .. when I got out they said they were sorry about the loss of Kookie.. hmmm
So glad others had thought about her, they made my day lots better.. Kookie is always with me.. so I got em to take a pic with Puparoni.

These guys walked by me at north field and knew me.. remembering I was the guy who took pics on Mt P with Kookie.


If you visited Mt Pleasant in same time, you might know about Kookie. Lost her in 2023

Puparoni Pupernickel guessing my last pup. Having a hard time getting on the couch, a stool appeared magically. She has taken over the couch.

Not suppose to be where other animals have been till she gets all of her shots but I go out n take pics of Mt P from the fairgrounds n one of my fb pals came for an exchange n she got some pets

While Luke was there Mt P was dull n the sky was grey n I looked at the clouds n told em to wait till they passed. Here great colors :)
I stopped at the parking spot by the little pond. Some times people I know come by n I talk a bit. Saw these guys practicing for a wedding.. always thinking of photography ideas.. but think conceived as an intrusion of a stranger.
15th today I will do some exercises n take pics of old schools

Puparonia now has a blog


If Kookie ever attacked u for pets, slimmed u or was with me when I took your pic, you are automatically welcome. 

Might do some telephoto pics from the fairgrounds .. doubt if we will make it up on top. I couldn't identify many but there are those I have connected to.. 

Puparoni Pumpernickel on facebook


Took a closeup of Puparonia then long shot of mt p n pasted them together

 I posted the fuzzy telephoto pics here of u were on mt p, on 9/3 https://mtpteley.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

2023 08


Kookie's last chapter https://kookiepuppy.blogspot.com/2023/08/story-ending.html

After losing Kookie I am unlikely to make it to the top of Mt P often if any time at all. If you r looking for a pic I had taken, I will try to find it.. thanks to all u guys who wrestled with Kookie n endured being slimed . 😋


I have only been going to town to get something or when Kookie goes to the carport trying to get in for a ride.. did get a couple from the fairgrounds and driving through the park

Through the years I have taken and deleted thousands of pics never to be seen but thinking great thoughts, for over a week this web is in my doorway .. getting bigger.. plans to capture me 😌

If mice n bugs would not bother me, the house is big enough for all of us.. but they r not nice neighbors

Didnt take the telephoto just a shot of pups playing on mt p

In cutoffs n Kookie with the scary leg we just drove through the park ... something comforting in the interaction of the humans ... happy stuff

Took a couple pics of the two fishing, the tree blocking one of em so I drove ahead a bit to get this one. .. Thoughts of a pic I took of a little girl n her dad many years ago.. wondering 

Seeing the couple holding hands n walking through the park driving along .. so charming.

I love to tell people about taking their pic so they can copy it, but never know .. will they think I am spying on em .. what do the many think.. some like them bunches n keep them in their phones.

In my imagination, people finding pics of themselves or someone close to them years later with delight.


Running out of stuff so we went on a Kroger run.. but first we stopped at the park.

This is the big old tree that fell n I talked a pumpkin into doing pics of me n Kookie. I have been wearing this hat to keep my hair out of my eyes n forgot to take it off.. but the glasses helped hide the eyes 😋

Just took the old 7mp Sony, didnt think there would be much of a chance of taking shots.. 

We sat on the bank about 50 yards from the trail, making account of the park dwellers n these girls told me I had taken their pic b4 and found it, so of course I had to ask em for another pic for my photo safari 😉



Hope it will be the end of visits for a while but it gave us an excuse to stop .. Kookie was so excited I let her head up the path just went to the second stone bench n captured her mountain climbing

A guy came by n I took a pic of him with Kookie then he asked me if I would take a pic of em with his camera. Saw a black feather but didn't pick it up to save for anyone .. 
Visits with a vet .. $50 kind of just for em to come n the room for a bit.. but holding on .. 

Never hoped me n Kookie would still be visiting the park.. but surprise

Gotta take Kookie to the vet tomorrow at 3:00 so I tried to clean her up a bit and blow dried her n the back of the truck.. must have a good reason to go to town.

The other day I saw the sun being a big orange ball and took a pic of it in my review mirror.. then I stopped to gas up n saw these guys n tried to get em with the sun behind em.. a bit late but the guy told me I had taken pics of em on Mt P :)

I get to take pics of puppies, families, cute girls n lots of stuff but one of my best is when I get to take pics I believe will be special.

I saw this guy headed for the big tree stump of the fallen tree n his side kick was gonna take pics of em...

I had a better idea, both of em get on the stump and I would capture both.. I did with their camera and mine.

She told me she had stage 4 cancer .. me thinking this might be a special memory.
Then she wanted to give Kookie some pets, never saw her yet n I told her about her leg.. (said she would pray for her)

These girls walked by and knew me, said I had taken her pic on Mt P b4 n I captured this pic of em :)
Sitting on the bank a bit from the trail I did a couple selfies of us.. saying last year.. after this bd I would quit exercising and eat.. OD on Ho hos 

Not gaining much so far but just not much gumption .. not a lot of reason.

I have learned some safety tips on the way home. Ice cream sandwiches are dangerous..I heard a honk.. scared me, guess I honked the horn taking the wrapper off.

 Trying to get the paper off them, steering with your knee. Coming out the highway with no one on the road, 

One snack I would recommend is Kit Cats in the safety bag. They are bite size unwrapped. Once the bag is opened, you just gobble em down.

Lots of pups n their humans in the park out for a walk. Kookie has such an aggressive bark with other dogs n some people must be protective of their babies.. if they only knew.. a couple minutes nose to nose she would love em


Wednesday, July 12, 2023

2023 07


Kookie out of pain pills so I had to go to the vet to get the prescriptions .. did a pit stop to take pics of the East Point Apartments for show n tell, then a ride around the park,  out to walmart, they didnt have em all so another stop at Kroger n finally a ride around the park.. 

Not much happens when we are not on top but I spied a bunch of people, saw a guitar n thought maybe they were singing some songs so like the bear that went over the mountain I walked over to check em out.

.Stopped at the park first time n Kookie did a low craw under the picnic table to get some droppings, then she was stuck, no food to inspire her to find a way out.

.Closeup of Kookie with the parkdwellers in the background... because of depth of field both can't be in focus so this is a composite.

When I walked over guess some of em knew me, thought I remembered a couple but things have been getting foggy. Some were praying n someone said I could take some pics anyway.. just did a few more.

Girl wanted to give Kookie some pets, I warned her, Kookie's leg is scary looking but she is the same silly  puppy, jumped up on the girl. A purple heart for another of Kookies victims.

Tickled me no one has made over her n a while.

My vision for this photograph, their whole gang with the big old tree in the background. In the future it would provoke thoughts when they saw it.

Kind of a church group? in my wishes .. they would sing one of their songs with their pal  playing his guitar.

Guess I don't get to capture my imagination pics in my lense.

This puppy was barking n having fun n I tried to capture em :)
On the way out I spotted our fb pal. Almost the same color close to the rock I got em up with the green background.. easier to see.

The guy in the Buckeye house across the park was out too.. some kids from the park pulled in beside me at walmart.. 

Never thought Kookie would make it to May, some suggesting it was her time to go.. I was gonna wait till my BD when I turned 80 on June 23d and end her existence on the 24th.. had an appointment but couldn't do it.. still being goofy, still bringing delight to people.

The girl who went over to meet her, .. 😋


I took Kookie for a ride. Between the tennis court and big pond , this time  the old tree fell all the way down. If this old tree had eyes and kept a diary.. the wonderful stories it would reveal.

In the fairgrounds taking pics with the telephoto, I turned to Kookie for this shot.. also saw a little dog running around playing but it was a blur.

Fedx supposed to pick up a home test .. n I have to go to the hospital for more test on Aug 2nd n case someone would be in the park then. (82 and sunny says the weather guy)

When I first stopped in the fairgrounds there was no one on top. Had the camera on the tripod, n came back later.. just tried to hand hold the big teley .. not so great but if you were on top might have captured you.


Outside of town by myself the only time I see the humans is when I go to do groceries or doctor stuff.. n Mt P. Very seldom have anyone come here but if it is nice when they get her, likey just underware on.. not much reason.. Kookie n me don't care.

Since her leg trouble I have been feeling sorry for her and taking her for a ride down to the bar and back.. 
In the same attire today.. thought I would just go to the park n put my old cutoffs on.. wasn't gonna get out... but saw a lot of police cars so thought me n Kookie should investigate.

Got some decent pics of the doings but won't post em. I just like to share stuff I think people might like, not sure what was going on here.

Other day must have been a big wind in town, nothing here .. hmmm.

Here I went for a sun ray shot, using the smallest apature and super close to Kookie with fill in flash.

Still kind of taking sunset pics from Mt Pleasant, just the bottom part.

I like to take pics that I can share with my unsuspecting models.. but I could sit on the bank and take pics of pups riding shotgun all day.

Got some pics of the people too but won't post em. With this many cars I guessed they were dealing with a motor cycle gang 😋
Wrapping Kookie's leg to keep her from licking it raw. Seems to work pretty well.


Never thought I would create a July page but Kookie is still with me.
Giving her lots of baths, I thught I would blow dry her on a ride to the park n back

Easy for her to get in when I park where she can walk in, it is really hard for me to lift her .. now.. barking on the way to town.

I saw one couple n their baby telling em about flash then a bit later I did a candid of em sitting on the other side of the pond.

Kookie whining as other pups walked by n the ducks r stuckup, only wanna be friends if u have food to give em.

Got a decent pic of the gazebo and a rider on the way to the top of the world. 

Hospital trip tomorrow, supposed to storm so not sure if Kookie will get to go.