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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

2023 03

Dealing with stuff that is making me crazier than the usual crazy I did not exercise for two days.
Saw the long rain coming Monday n it would be nice today and I wanted to get a couple good pics of me n Kookie.
I loaded her up with the pain pills from the vet, set a camera in back of the truck to recorder her barking all the way to town.
Couldnt get her all in the video but the barking part, I got that.

Made it to the park and forgot the remote so I hitched Kookie here, (thanks guys) n up the hill slowly

Did a candid through the trees, I knew it wouldnt be very good.. but

I saw a family with a big bunch leaving n got em to let me take their pic in the magic tree then did a couple of these guys out in the bright sun
I know I can't get a decent shot in the mid day with sun coming in the lens but got a better pic with their camera and got a pretty good one of em on the rock with their camera

I did a couple candids n forgot to tell these guys, I'll bet they would love to copy it if they knew it existed.

When the sun dimmned I took several really nice pics of some people with their cameras. I wanted to do more but I  am losing my will to do stuff.

Got to see Shawn n Christine and some girl on the way down asked for a pic n she told me I had b4

Really starting to forget stuff, couldnt find one of the cameras when I got home, guess I put it down to close the tail gate and it was rolling around in back on the way home.
On the way in Kookies was wiggling around thought a seizure kind of but .. when I got to the park n opened the tail gate there was a mouse that jumped out.
Stopped at the store on the way home n a woman came over n gave Kookie lots of pets.  so I guess it was one of the good trips left for us :)


Kookie will be gone in a few months, she has the bone thing my other pup had but as long as she is happy n gets all excited I will hold on to her.
I had to go to town today to the doc out past the park so we stopped on the way back.
Just took the first digital camera I had not feeling the vibes much lately.
The wind was blowing pretty hard n I captured her ears flying.
Told the doc about being stressed out. They were doing some kind of annual test on old people (must have included me by mistake  😋)
Living with the arthritis starting to hurt on the way up the path. I was gonna make June my last month but dont think that will happen now.
Think we will come up this Sunday if you see Kookie .
Coming here in the last years has given me a purpose to exist.
Just took our time coming up the trail n saw a mom n dad n kid coming up. Later I took a pic of them with their camera and one with Kookie in my camera.
I wasnt moving around much but when an couple came my way, they looked n I asked em if I had taken their pic b4.

They said they had seen pics of me n Kookie on the internet.. b4 walking over, saying they thought I was the guy.
They love the view from Mt P too and were looking to buy a house near by :)

I have been comming to Mt Pleasant since my wife died. Here my pups got lots of pets and I got to take pics and talk to strangers for a few minutes on our visits.

My goal was to make it till June 2023 and have a picnic for those who knew me in the past years and maybe get to take pics of some of those I had captured in the last years..
BUT it does not look like it can happen, Kookie probably won't last that long n the fun .. reason to come out will no longer be.
What is happening to Kookie I recorded it here


Got an email from osu about Kookie n saw it was gonna be a not 2 bad day, thought I should get her some more pets while she can make it up the trail'
Girl wanted to give Kookie some pets n so she let me capture em  together
Kind of a hobble now, hoped she would be an honored guest in jung,, but dont think so now.

Sky in the background kind of fuzzey gut with the rocks behind, much better

Saw a nice Jeep, I know the tires n wheels cost more than lots of cars I have bought :)


I had a 2:00 appointment at the hospital.. a follow up on some stuff they did n so after we headed to Mt P.
Saw these two pals on their way up n did a candid.. forgot to tell em but they will remain unknown from this view.
When we finally made it up, they were sitting on the edge n I did get to do a pic of em with their cameras

I saw this guy taking some pics n talked to him. Guess I had met him b4. I like the pics from post 32 so I can shot downward.
The pics he took with his phone camera better than mine

Cousing Logan came out with two little ones n this pup. Kookie finally got to make a pal at the park. Her tail wagging as the pup danced to reach her :)

At this time it is hard to get an even pic, sun on one side n shade on the other so I tried to turn em so only shade on their face then used fill in flash
Out on this rock, it is hard to get in position n ewmwmvweinf What happened to humpty dumpty

Gotta take a pic of a couple pals.. could have been a pic of me n my buddy 60 years ago.

Kookie really lucked out getting all kind of pets 

Same lighting issue I think this is the best shot I got of these guys.
Didn't wanna go home so I went to the bank to transfer  stuff and came back
On the way down I thought one girl was playing hiding go seek but she said she was just hugging the tree.. said I had taken her pic.

My last on the way down out facebook Christina was on the way up with her pup 


Went to Old Mans cave yesterday and it was so nice today I had to go to Mount Pleasant.. was just gonna shoot time lapse but I seldom listen to myself n forget stuff.. Kookie is still happy as ever n gets so excited when I pick up the keys.
Didnt tell the tennis players but if u know any of em tell em so they can copy this pic

The sun getting dim enough to look at and it left a warm glow. I did a pic of em with their camera too.

Kind of bumbed out n a couple girls talked to me a bit n I did a pic of em with their camera, then I saw these guys leaving did a couple then made a goofy sound to make the pup look n the little one laughed too

The sky was drab n I thought get a couple pics of these girls with the rock background

One pic I love to take n it came out great on sunny days the sun casts shadows across the tree climbers but not at this time of day.

I saw these guys doing a pic of each other n thought to capture all of em in the same shot.. here on the rail where it is low, where I took pics of Joey n his pals many years ago then took em to post 32 so I could include the fairgrounds in the background

When I got to the end I did a couple pics of these girls with their phone camera.. of those with a delay after you press the button then I tried with mine..  
ugh something went wrong, it was dark and I couldn't see the settings, tried to reset it, that didnt work.. and just before going down I tried one more thing, I removed the battery n put it back.. it worked but too late.. sorry girls..
 if u ever see me again I will go out of my way to do the best I can.
In the mean time the only thing I could extract from the image not good so I turned it into this abstract art.. I will name it

Girls who thought they were gonna get a great photo 😔


Need a volunteer photographer

Through the past I have been able to capture some fuzzy pics of people on top while I had the big telephoto setup in the fairground parking lot.
I thought about getting some of Kookie n me.
My volunteer photographer could bring a pal to the fairgrounds.
I would set the camera up on a tripod and take Kookie over. Probably take about 20 minutes for us to get on top.
We would move to some different spots, the photographer would move the camera  to follow us and press a couple buttons
One for super zoom and one to take multiple pics at one click.
It would need to be a clear sky and in the afternoon.

Won't be able to wait real long I found she has the same thing that took my other pup. ( a couple months maybe ) Now she can walk ok and is still goofy but it is just something I hope to get done 

Depending on the lighting I have captured some not to bad one patch of em in one of my fb albums 

Of course this one is one of my photoshop masterpieces 😋 but b4 too long


Most of you have seen the view in the foreground from Mount Pleasant 
In the background is what Mount Pleasant looks like from Forest rose.. about a mile away 
Most business or organizations have some type of photos hanging in their office, you can use any of mine to make pics.

 Through the years I have been lucky n captured pics people will keep forever.. and a couple times.. people who were great loves.. friends want to make em vanish.. 

While I am still kicking is when I need to look for em. Kookie will be in bad shape in a few months so when it is hard for her to walk, that will be my end too.. 
I did want to make till june 25th

If it is going to be a clear afternoon n you want some of the dramatic pics on top while I am in the fairgrounds with the big teley.. 
I can turn my cell phone on and set up pics... only did that once b4

Sometimes I drive to the hill at Forest rose and take pics of Mt P, I added the line here.. about a mile

With a computer you can clearly pick out people along the top. I did not have my big telephoto but used the 300mm  tonight.
If you were here tonight .. :)
Just posted a couple here the rest I placed on this page


I drove up close to the top n walked the rest of the way so I didnt have to turn the truck around. 

 Guess I took a pic of one of the guys up in the tree with his pal a while back :)


Down on the rock after dark couldnt do much, the flash would not light the background so just captured me here

I kind of know this guy I had talked to em n taken his pic b4. This is extreme cropping they were filtered with the branches #risingpark

about average quality trying to hand hold the camera with the teley on.



Saturday, February 4, 2023

2023 02


Once up on a time my kid came knocking at my door with a puppy

 I didnt want but soon as I held her I loved her.. when I lost her I couldnt stand it so got another to save me.. 

big dog in this video, called her puppydog 

Same story but that time b4 I lost her I got another to save me, little pup here.. Kookie pulling PuppyDog's tail.

 Just found out she has the same thing don't know how long but as long is I can I will bring her for pets.. 

Don't think I will be tough enough to take on another baby.


Kookie has had a little limp so I got the energy to take her to the vet today. That cost $450 and if I want other specalist to look at the x-rays that will be $150 more

To do a biopsy that will cost between $1400 and $1700 .. just to determine if the mass is deadly I guess.

Another possible option is to have her leg cut off,, I won't go there don't think I could take care of her , no pets from the park dwellers.

I lost two other pups with the same stuff before Kookie .. just waiting for the end.. Guess she will be my last pup ..

Supposed to be nice the 29th .. I will try to take her up mt p once again.. she is not supposed to jump in and out ot of the truck.. 

They had her bonked out and when I got her home she was crying .. that never happened before.
Fingers crossed dont wanna try to hold on so long this time.


A couple days ago I drove over to the fairgrounds, so cold n windy n I was this guy pushing a buggy... bet a puppy was in it ?


One guy was gonna get a pic here n I got a pic of all of em instead.


Saw a girl sitting on the rock, nice shot but didnt get to tell her.


So warm lots of people n their pups on top


Saw a girl taking pics of this little family n talked to her a bit n talked about flash.. I did one of her but it was so windy n hair blowing so I did a merge in this pic also to include her


So many have had their pic taken in this tree over the years. Because the clouds softened the shadows it came out great .. best one for me.


Sun was a yellow glow then I noticed in the back ground both sides.. thinking 😋#risingpark

Thinking Mick must of had something in her eye n Austin was inspecting.. 😙#risingpark

A fun thought of Annie coming over the ridge with a pup, like the first time I saw her mom.

Got to see Austin n the Mick to capture this pic.. first time I saw her doing pics on mt p
.. .. 7 years later, that is Anna (Mick's little girl)  with the camera in her hand.. waving it around n just got to see the video she took of Kookie with her ears blowing in the wind



Last pic of the night 2/23/2023



Did the taxes so I stopped bu

I was gonna go out and take some pics with the big telephoto.. until I came upstairs and went out.

The wind is wild and it will be cold too.. hair flying every where.
I hope to continue coming out to Mt Pleasant  at least till june if you r on top when I am in the fairgrounds.

The reason I don't spend a bunch of time below is because by the time I get to the top people are gone and wont be able to copy the pics.

If you find a nice afternoon for such a photo, gotta tell me in advance



Had to go to walmart so I took the camear, didnt take the telephoto but took a couple pics of people on top in case they find this pic per chance

Just got this one of this guy n took a pic of em together with their camera.


With lots of moster in the air n the sun coming in sunflare you can see how I tried different settings


Waiting for the sky to get right n talked these guys into a couple pics n did a couple with their cameras in case I goofed up 


Took a pic of Kookie's pal here and her daughter


Girls in the hammock


A pertty good shot of all these guys but in this shot someone's hair was blowing in their face so I worked on that .. #risingpark
First I took the pic of these pups sitting here but with me higher the sky could not be in the pic so I got em to stand up for a couple and used their camera too.


I was fooling with time lapse n got these guys to experiment a bit... got the girls too but those shots were over exposed..

One more day on the big bump :)



Such a nice day to go to the dungeon today and thought perfect for a trip to Old Man's cave.. started looking for some truck parts.. later n later n too late .. ugh so I wasted a day I can never get back.

Looking out the window wishing I was on Mt P n took the camera out to delete stuff and try different settings.

Kookie wouldn't be good trying to play n bite me, finally I got a couple pics with her.. waiting for the fireflies to return one more season.
In our lightling bug observation tower watching faded colors filtered through the branches.
I will go to Old Man's cave this week end I guess.
NOT #risingpark 


I thought there would be more on Mt P. I did an event page saying all singles should go up n meet others.. that made me "the host" n thought I guess the host should go to the event.

This pic was the last time I was here, just forgot to post it.


First pics on the 14th I didn't get on top to find these guys so if u know em, they can copy their pic... me n Kookie in the fairgrounds parking lot with the big teley


When we got out I spotted a couple walking our way n thought I would get a refelection but I saw these guys first. The girl works for the park n knew who me n Kookie r 😃


There was stuff in the pond, it was overcast but wanted to get a valentines pic with a couple then they wanted to give Kookie some pets


Everything so drab because it was overcast so I jacked up the color saturation but when it is overcast there is less contrast n I didn't need to do a lot fixing my mug


Some kind of stuff the kids were doing in the sand


I forgot to put the pentax on auto focus but this one of me n Kookie came out ok.

No one coming down to our end and I saw a couple putting their phone camera on the ground with the timer trying to get a pic.. n I got to come to their rescue, felt like dudley do right saving em 😋

Before leaving I did pics of another couple with their camera.


Remember the Pentax was on manual focus. I can not see anything close up so I don't see what I took till I get home but the close up was ok and I photo shopped em up on the ledge where I took their pic... AND a very good thing I did was to take their pic with their camera also .. whew 😜



Kookie is so happy when I pick up the key n barks all the way to town.
When ever it is warm enough n no wet stuff I drive the truck or Jeep, she loves it


I didn't take the big telephoto or the tripod, just hand held these a bit shakey if u know any of these guys tell em so they can copy em.


I think these are the girls pic I took with their camera on top ?


I did a pic of these guys in the magic tree.


Kookie got pets and I took pics of some others with their cameras. These guys go to this church I took several with the big telephoto HERE 



Here is my modeling rock for Kookie

First time these guys were on Mt P n I got to do their picnic pic.

Someone had a ceremony of some kind and left ballons I experimented with different lighting .. if u know who had the event .. thank em :)

I saw these guys just walking around a bit n thought there should be a pic for em

I did this pic of me n Kookie then asked a pup to do the other one, that I used effects on

My photographers :)

These guys wanted to give Kookie some pets n then I took their pic :)

The last pups I got to capture n gave pets to Kookie.

Some just start out early in school and hook up with a side kick. Some did but are not attached at the present, some just never got around to it yet. BUT the wish of having a side kick is in all of us through out our lives, 
I thought what if... couples would just come up on Mt P with all their single friends on Valentines day n take in the sunset. 
I posted an event on facebook 
Mt Pleasant the 14th singles Valentine's day


Got stuff finished in the dungeon n was gonna go for an advanced nap but saw how warm it was gonna be n put Kookie in for the ride to Mt P.
I wasnt gonna take a camera in but it grabbed me on the way out the door,
When there is no one to ask I goof off with pics of Kookie n 'artistic stuff'


Some thing I never noticed before. Guess it could come in handy I have seen the fire department on top a couple times

AED  ( An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a medical device designed to analyze the heart rhythm and deliver an electric shock to victims of ventricular fibrillation to restore the heart rhythm to normal. Ventricular fibrillation is the uncoordinated heart rhythm most often responsible for sudden cardiac arrest.)

I'll bet the fire dept makes lots of runs here n police too. 


Pics of footprints n mud puddles .. if some famous artist did it, it would sell for thousands 😋


Names don't make me move much but photographs do.
There are many names n memorials in the park n I thought what if.. instead of just names, what if there were a link to a little bio of those remembered 



Finally I captured a good pic of Luke riding his bike up the trail..  #risingpark

Gotta take a pic of these guys picnic.. 😊 #risingpark

Kookie getting pets. I put the buzzer on her n she was a good girl all the time.. just gave a couple slobbers  #risingpark

Got these pups to come down to post 32. Overcast I avoid the sky and being a bit higher here I can capture the fairgrounds below.. 
If a nice sky ...I tip the camera up to include it. #risingpark



First time we made it to Mt P this month. I had to get Kookie's pills, with out em .. well it is scary .. just try not to mix up hers n mine. Planned to come back later so we would make it b4 everyone left.

On this day this is where we were in the solar system and standing on the red pin on the map.


After I came down we drove over to the fairgrounds n took a pic of Mt P, The moon was here but I made it larger,, worked on the pic of me and the pic of Kookie was when we got home.

She is so excited to go in town n wound up but when she gets home she bonks out

#risingparkThe moon comes up on the left but climbs high in the sky  later


The last pups I got to take a pic of, they asked if there was a less crowed place, didnt think but maybe alley park 

Saw these guys running around n thought they need a group pic, did one with their camera too so they were not back lit.. just about right but one of em turned away so I transplanted their face from the other pic.


Wind blowing n hair every where, this is the best pic I captured of these pals.


I saw a mousy little girl n thought I have seen her br n asked if I had taking her pic... duh yep it was Tessa.. she looks different so cute 😋


Wonder what the kids were up to with the sticks.


Coming up I was gonna put on sun glasses but didn't looking to the sun so bright I saw these guys coming down, nor until I stopped em did I remember it was the family I have taken pics of b4 .. so nice n friendly #risingpark

These guys were running up n down the trail n shorts 😊#risingpark

As soon as we got on the trail this guy asked if I had taken his pic br then if I would take a pic of em.. when your camera is warm and you put it in the cold sometimes it will steam up so I did some practice pics, reset the defaults and tried to think of an ok background.. :)